Welcome to A1-Med Spa!
You've come to the right place. We provide many services to help you reach your beauty goals from head to toe. I am pleased to invite you into a comfortable atmosphere which will help to relax your mood so that you can receive the full benefits of the A1-Service, to take in the A1-Experience and enjoy the A1 Results.


What makes us different than other Spas?


We not only offer FACIALS, WAXING, and BROW treatments but we also offer advanced treatments such as TEETH WHITENING, MICRO-NEEDLING and BODY SCULPTING services. 


Our Meal Prep services are available and included in either the PAMPER ME PACKAGE ready for you to devour a succulent 5 star meal or the delicious and filling 500 calorie meal prep for our 2.0 LUXURY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM made by celebrity chef Chris Mclean. 


We believe, and practice, that taking time for your mental and physical health is paramount. When you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs you are taking care of the whole you. Come spend time at A-1 Med Spa you will be amazed. 


**$5 Valet is required. There is no free parking on site.


***ATM is available


***Booked appointments only.


***Must leave the premises once appointment is complete.




*** NO ONE UNDER 18 


Facials- Let’s get your skin clear smooth and glowing. Treatments for black heads, pimples, up to level 2 acne, hyper pigmentation or aging skin. If you’re just wanting a deep cleansing aromatic relaxing facial then that’s another option.

Body Wraps- If your interest is cleansing the body of toxins, impurities, toning, tightening, to lose inches or for  rejuvenation and revitalization this treatment is available for you 

Waxing-Tired of shaving, I can provide FULL BODY  waxing services for men and Women.

Laser Lipo-Choose this service if you are 25lbs from your ideal weight and want to shrink and contour your problem areas.

Body Sculpting-A treatment of firming the tissue for weight loss and changing the appearance of cellulite. Body Sculpting or (Cavitation,Radio Frequency, vacuum therapy)is stronger than Laser Lipo.

Wood Therapy - Using this ancient technique is a natural approach on slimming and contouring the body as well as helping relieve the body of waste or toxins built up in the body to release. 

Micro-needling-If you have issues with fine line, wrinkles, scars, hyper pigmentation and alopecia this would be a treatment that can help.

Teeth Whitening- Brighter and Sexier smile