Body Treatments

Body Treatment Services 

Stone Therapy 
o    30 mins——— $50
•      Additional 10 mins. ——— $15


o    15 mins ——— $15 
o    30 mins ——— $30
•    Additional 10 mins. ——— $10

o    Technique uses pressure on specific points of the feet, hands and sometimes ears. Stimulating the appropriate region on the body to real ease body bound energy blockages that cause stress, fatigue, irritability, pain and even disease.


Paraffin Wax (additional service) $15 
o    Increases circulation from the warmth and promotes penetration of any nutrients or ingredients that were applied underneath 


Hand Treatment $35 (30 mins and up)
o    This treatment helps release tension and simultaneously care for the roughest and thickest skin on the body. By using a salt scrub to soften the skin by removing the dead skin cells. As well as hydrating, stimulating, calming and soothing the skin.
•    Add paraffin wax treatment to this service ———$10
•    Add hot stone treatment——— $15 

*    Add Acupressure ——— $15


Foot Treatment $45 (30 mins and up)
o    Being on your feet all day can make you become very fatigued. Come relax and feel pampered by getting your calluses treated making your skin feel baby soft. To releasing tension from our soothing massage and leave feeling reenergized. 
•    Add paraffin wax treatment to this service ———$10

*    Add Acupressure ——— $15
•    Add hot stone treatment ——— $15


Aromatherapy $10
o    A healing treatment that can help influence a person’s emotional well being. When inhaled it can be either soothing or stimulating.


Micro-Needling Scar Treatment 
o    $100 ——— small area
o    $150 ——— medium area
o    $200 ——— large area 
•    RECOMMENDED 4-6 treatments 
o    An automated micro-needling therapy system that vertically pierces the skin to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage.
o    Promotes new epidermal growth 
o    Proliferation of collagen, elastin and other skin tissue components creating a pronounced anti-aging effect. 
o    Promotes skin tightening and lifting 
o    Rejuvenation
o    Healing scars, improvement of stretch marks